How to Crack The Safe of Authentic Jazz Sounds!

Have you ever felt like the authentic sounds of jazz piano are locked behind a safe with a secret combination that you don’t have? The centerpiece of my method focuses on teaching the right combination that will crack that safe open for you so that you can play that authentic jazz piano sound!

I have arranged all 12 songs inside the Learning Lab into the key of C major/A minor. I also choose songs that though they are in the same key, the progressions are all different! This will help you get comfortable with the jazz piano language in one key for variety of songs!

Here is the basic combination:

  • Melody
  • Harmony
  • Rhythm

I have a specific way to enter this combination that I will show you for each song inside the Learning Lab. However the template I use incorporates the following four steps:

  • Hear it– Listen to the songs in the various styles I play. Listen to my audio commentary I provide for each lesson.
  • See it– Look at the interactive keyboard and see my hands and the notes I am playing. Look at the companion PDF of the score.
  • Say it– After digesting everything you are able from the Hear it and See it steps, be able to “say it” for yourself.
  • Play it– Based on your interest and appropriate level of ability, begin playing what you have learned!

If you enter the combination the way I suggest, I guarantee that you will open the safe of authentic jazz piano sounds that you can take along on your jazz journey. It’s like having your favorite playlist available while on your road trip!

Are you still interested? If so, I have a proposal I would like to offer you! Let’s keep walking through to the next lesson I call, “My Guarantee”.

Questions? Ask Thom